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TechStar supports our customers long after the implementation of your solution. We’re proud to be your Total Solutions Provider – which includes all your training and development needs. Our training and development solutions cover everything from formal classroom training, application-specific hands-on experience, distance learning, and everything in between! We pride ourselves on hiring only the best in the business: seasoned subject matter experts who bring decades of cross-brand experience and deep knowledge in their respective fields.


Our commitment to handling all training and services in-house – rather than outsourcing or deferring – is what makes us a true Total Solutions Provider.


Join us at TechStar University for technical training courses focused on various industrial automation solutions, on-location in one of our advanced training centers.


We’re always ready to address your training needs with our On-Call Training. We develop customized training sessions based on your unique requirements and our team’s needs.

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Our state-of-the-art in-house training environment, kindly referred to as our Functional Verification Unit – or simply put, THE UNIT, offers a unique, interactive training experience tailored to your company’s process without disrupting your production. Break our stuff, not yours.

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Learn on your own time by exploring our TechStar Technical Talks library, featuring comprehensive analysis of every major industry: Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals. If you’re looking for more, schedule a personalized 1:1 call or video conference with our technical experts to discuss any aspect of your process or equipment, at your convenience.

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Please contact:

Emily Jones

TechStar Customer Experience Coordinator

Emily’s passion is working closely with our customers to meet your specific training needs. With close ties to our corporate trainers and manufacturers, Emily works to continually develop and expand our technical training offering to meet your ongoing needs.

Contact Emily at any time to discuss:
  • Specific training and development needs/objectives for personnel
  • Custom training courses tailored to your company’s specific equipment needs
  • Training options onsite at your location or TechStar Training Center Locations

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