The Tale of the Pale Goat

The mountain goat is a powerful animal that lives an independent existence in challenging terrain. Willing to go it alone, the Pale Goat is not afraid to try new directions in its quest for survival. Climbing to ever higher elevations at impossible angles, the Pale Goat will choose the road less traveled to get to extraordinary places rather than taking a path more traveled and moving with the common herd.

TechStar’s Tale of the Pale Goat

Much like a mountain goat, TechStar has become a company that is proud of the tenacity that has made us who we are today.

In 2001, we began our journey along a path less traveled. To this day, we still believe the best solution for our customers is not in the number of manufacturers that we represent. With our customers in the forefront of our minds, we stive to align ourselves with a select few manufacturers that share in our deep-rooted belief in quality, innovation and most importantly customer service. From our innovative solutions, full turnkey offerings, technical experts, to our field service and training options we are a total solution provider.

TechStar and our Tale of the Pale Goat have come a long way since 2001, but our core philosophies have remained the same: technical knowledge, customer relationships, trust and always going the extra mile are the foundation in which we have built our business.

TechStar IS the Pale Goat; taking pride in always doing the right thing for our customers, committed to providing quality products and services, and dedicated to a better way of doing business.

Our team says it best: We are #palegoatstrong

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