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Interactive training that is specific to your company’s process is always preferred but interrupting production to test your new knowledge is probably not an option. This is where the newest addition to our Training & Development Solutions, The Functional Verification Unit – THE UNIT, comes into play.

Join us for a technical training course at our Houston Training Center and test your knowledge in THE UNIT by completing lab scenarios. Having issues in production that you need to work through? Schedule some time in THE UNIT with one of our technical resources to mimic your specific process conditions, test, and troubleshoot.

  • Fully Functional Live Unit
  • Duplicate Process Conditions
  • Solve Issues
  • Troubleshoot
  • Test
  • Process Specific Training in A Controlled Environment

Take a Virtual Tour of The UNIT

Whatever your needs, our technical resources create hands-on training tailored specifically towards your process. Sessions are delivered in small groups for optimal outcomes. We partner with you every step of the way to ensure your goals are met.
  • Onboarding New Personnel
  • Training For Specific Products
  • Mandatory Recertification to Maintain Compliance

Meet Joey Blair, Lead Unit Technician

Joey Blair has 22 years of experience with instrumentation and control systems and has been with TechStar for 6 years. He has extensive experience with liquid, bulk solid and flow measurements working in all sectors of the process industry, including upstream and downstream oil and gas.

Joey has spent the past 6 years honing his skills by supporting customer applications as a TechStar Field Service Technician. He brings this experience along with a prior technical teaching career at San Jacinto College to his role of Lead Unit Technician. Joey serves as the primary contact and instructor for all customer sessions in THE UNIT.

For more information about our training programs, schedule time to meet with Emily Jones, TechStar’s Customer Experience Coordinator, in this calendar.

Emily Jones

TechStar Customer Experience Coordinator

Emily has a strong background in customer service. She works closely with our customer base, corporate trainers and manufacturers in continuing to develop and expand our technical training offering. 
Contact Emily at any time to discuss:
  • Specific training and development needs/objectives for personnel
  • Custom training courses tailored to your company’s specific equipment needs
  • Training options onsite at your location or TechStar Training Center Locations





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