Point Level Measurement: Radiation-based Solutions by Berthold

Point Level Measurement: Radiation-based Solutions by Berthold

Point Level Measurement: Radiation-based Solutions by Berthold

What is point level measurement?

Point level measurement is the detection of the level of material in a silo or tank. In point level measurement, the data collection is not continuous. Instead, only two points of data are collected. There are high level and low level sensors that are used to measure liquid height at present level conditions. 

How does point level measurement work?

In point level measurement, there are typically two sensors. One sensor is placed near the top of the tank or silo to measure the high level. The high level sensor sends alerts when the tank is filled to capacity in order to prevent overfilling. The second sensor is placed near the bottom of the tank or silo to measure the low level. The low level sensor sends alerts when the tank is nearing the lower threshold and sends alerts to notify the facility that the material needs to be replenished.

Radiation-Based Point Level Measurement Tools

Radiation-based point level measurement tools are specifically designed for extreme environments and harsh materials. Radiation-based point level measurement tools calculate level, point level, mass flow, or density inside a vessel from the intensity of the incoming radiation. The measurements are conducted continuously and can be used to monitor pipelines and vessels. The concentration, density, and solid content can be ascertained without coming into contact with the measured material. Many different types of materials can be measured, including alkalis, acids, solutions, suspensions, emulsions, granulates, and powders. 

In situations where conventional measurement techniques fail, radiometric density measurement tools are useful. A wide variety of industries have extreme process environments with difficult measuring conditions such as extreme temperatures, high pressure, high volumes of dust, and corrosive or abrasive materials. 

Berthold Technologies is a global technology leader in life sciences, process control, and radiation protection. Berthold delivers integrated measuring solutions that have been trusted by scientists, technicians, and engineers for more than 70 years. 

Radiation-Based Point Level Measurement Tools by Berthold

The SENSseries LB 480 CrystalSENS is a point detector, mainly used for density, bulk flow and level switch applications. In combination with a rod source, the CrystalSENS is also used for level measurement applications where the accuracy requirements are particularly high.

The SENSseries LB 480 SuperSENS Detector with its outstanding sensitivity allows for operation with extremely low source activities. Due to the high sensitivity, the SuperSENS can provide a measurement for thick-walled vessels and big tanks, where other detectors fail or need to work with unacceptably high source activities. This innovative point detector can be used for the measurement of density, levels switch, and continuous level.

How do radiation-based measurement tools work?

Radiation-based measurement tools consist of a source that emits radiation to a detector that perceives the radiation signal. When gamma radiation passes through pipes, vessels, and materials, the radiation levels attenuate in proportion to the density of the product inside. The gamma radiation is not affected by pressure, temperature, color, chemical property, or viscosity of the material. 

Pros of Using Radiation-Based Measurement Tools

Radiation-based measurement tools offer specific advantages. 

  1. Radiation-based measurement tools optimize operational reliability in harsh and extreme environments. 
  2. The tools do not come into contact with the measured product. 
  3. The collected measurements are independent from temperature, pressure, and product intensity. 
  4. Radiation-based measurement tools can be installed on the exterior of a vessel,  reactor, autoclaves, silos, bunkers, or pipe without interrupting ongoing production. 
  5. The tools do not erode over time and they do not require maintenance. 

For your radiation point lever solutions by Berthold, and other alternate technologies for point level measurement, contact TechStar.  TechStar is your manufacturer representative for all your instrumentation, automation, and analytical products, including service and training.

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