TechStar’s Field Service Team is highly trained to meet all of our customers’ service needs. Whether starting up the instrument, configuring it or troubleshooting the system, TechStar’s Field Service Team can direct onsite personnel through the necessary steps to get the measuring device and its outputs running properly over the phone, in the field, or on location.

Commissioning, Startup and Calibration – Whether the customer requires all three services together or separately, our Field Service Team will assist in properly putting the equipment into service. The instrument can be checked for functionality and calibrated to the customer’s process specifications. Even if the process is not available at the time, the instrument can be commissioned to be ready when the process begins.

Repair – Should an instrument not perform as it should, our Field Service Team can troubleshoot the problem and provide guidance to correct the problem. Troubleshooting can be done onsite, and proper repairs will be made to get the instrument running properly and minimize downtime.

24-Hour Support – Customers can call TechStar at 866.542.0205 and the operator will direct the call to the appropriate service team member.

Our Field Service Team offers the following:

Nuclear Services:

• Onsite Commissioning, Calibration and Startup
• Source Holder and Shutter Repair
• Leak Tests and Shutter Checks
• Source Disposal Facilitation
• Bracket Fabrication
• Radiological Services
• Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Manufacturer Software Calibration Procedures

Flow Surveys

Wireless Surveys

Care & Maintenance of Analyzer Systems


• Pre-Installation
• Installation/Startup

Factory Certified In-House Bench Repairs

Upstream Automation Projects

Project Management Services for VEGA, Yokogawa & MSA

Portable Instrumentation Recalibration & Repair


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